Carbon Party

  • Arcade car racer for up to 4 players with network play
  • Circuit tracks taking place in an (at first) peaceful and tranquil environment
  • Racers then wreak havoc with their gas-hungry vehicles
  • Destructible objects and environment
  • 4 different items/weapons -> that can be charged by drifting/jumping/etc...
  • Fighting w/ other players
  • 1st to reach the goal wins

Technical Realization:

The game was coded in UE4 in Blueprints and C++.


  • Daniel Dietrich - Art
  • Dominik Hackl - Game Design, Gameplay Programming, Music
  • Johannes Lugstein - Gameplay Programming, Level Design, Shader Programming, UI Programming
  • Lukas Paul - Network & Gameplay Programming, UI Programming
  • Michael Rieger - Art, Level Design
  • Nathan Grinzinger - Art, Game Design, UI Programming
  • Wolfram Weingartner - Sound Design