Holiday Escape

There is no better feeling than waking up at the beach with ocean waves crashing smoothly onto the shore and a cloudless sky above... Except... You don't even know where you are, or how you got there in the first place. There is even a camera in the air that is directly focused on you. Something is definitly wrong here.

Suddenly the camera stops blinking, does this mean you are not being watched at the moment? Let's not waste any second. This is your chance to find out what is happening and escaping this place!

This single player escape room adventure takes you through various scenarious and dangerous puzzles which have to be solved to find out the truth about this seemingly innocent world.

Made in 3 days by Space Cabbage Productions for the 2019 Summer UE4 Jam.

Technical Realization:

The game was coded in UE4 primarily in Blueprints.