Special Category Winner: Ingenious - for the game with the most innovative use of a Marketplace product

Have you ever wondered what happens when you insert a coin into a slot machine? Where does it go? What does it do? Does it take part in a fast-paced adrenaline-filled race with other coins? Well it sure does in this game.

This local split screen multiplayer arcade racer takes you on a journey to the other side, into an ever-changing world featuring scenes from your favorite Unreal Engine showcases and asset packs. Join us in shredding through the peaceful world of the GDC Kite Demo, into the dark and gloomy Soul: City, all the way to the grey-boxed environment of the Unreal Engine Third Person Template (and many more fun worlds).

Made in 5 days by Click & Bait Productions for the 2019 Spring UE4 Jam.

Technical Realization:

The game was coded in UE4 primarily in Blueprints.


  • Erik Thiele
  • Johannes Lugstein
  • Nathan Grinzinger