Spaced Out

Released: 2019

Take your friends by their hands and lead them into a space adventure extraordinaire. Cozy up on the couch, sniff some catnip, and get this truck rolling!

You might think this is a mere flying shooter, but that is where you're mistaken! This is a 3D shooter, 2D shooter, flying game and kitten simulator all bundled up into one special action-adventure created to soothe your senses and clear your minds. Yes, we're talking not just YOUR mind, but those of your friends, parents, partners, and pets.

Made in 7 days by Click & Bait Productions for the 2019 Epic MegaJam

Technical Realization:

The game was coded in UE4 primarily in Blueprints.


  • Johannes Lugstein
  • Lukas Paul
  • Nathan Grinzinger