Project Timeout is my personal playground to try new tech and create new mechanics to later make use of in other games.

Features that I implemented:

  • Moving on the floor: Crouched, Walking and Sprinting
  • Swimming and diving in water
  • Rockclimbing
  • Sliding on muddy areas
  • Use different weapons (grenade launcher, pistols, rifles)
  • Find useful objects like a torch to light really dark caves
  • Throw grenades or other objects like a torch
  • Full functioning ragdoll including standing back up
  • Melee Combat with fists or weapons
  • Use a machete to cut bamboo to enter blocked paths
  • Climb or swing on ropes to jump to distant platforms
  • Make a fire
  • Explore the insides of the sunken plane
  • Use the motorboat to quickly get around the island
  • Dynamic day and night cycle

Technical Realization:

The game was coded in UE4 primarily in Blueprints.