Livestream plays god is a prototype that creates a world procedurally, fills this world with a living population that grows and shrinks due to environmental circumstances. The game incorporates a connection to a Twitch extension that lets the chat modify environmental parameters to optimally let the population grow even more. Furthermore the agents learn how to optimally behave in this world via Q-learning.

Technical Realization:

The game was coded in UE4 primarily in C++.


  • Daniel Dietrich - 3D Art Design
  • Dominik Hackl - Procedural World Programming
  • Gabriel Mittermair - 3D Art Design
  • Johannes Lugstein - Simulation Programming
  • Lukas Paul - Simulation Programming
  • Michael Klammer - 2D Art Design & Concept
  • Michael Rieger - Twitch Extension & Integration
  • Nathan Grinzinger - UI Programming
  • Wolfram Weingartner - Q-learning